Life Coaching by Candis Nicole

Why Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps you understand yourself better with the goal of moving forward in achieving the life you want. And that understanding includes all of you: your passions, talents and strengths as well as your dreams, hopes, fears and limiting beliefs. This renewed understanding helps you move into the future with commitment and focus, with appreciation for your whole self. 

Life Coaching by Candis Nicole

My Offer


I offer a platform where my clients are comfortable & willing to authentically view themselves and reflect what is actually true for them. Its all about drawing out the very best in folks and diminishing limited beliefs. Candis Nicole is a well trained certified life coach that is certain to reveal a glowing path to your breakthrough. 

I do this by...


  • Effectively Communicating
  • Using of practical techniques and frameworks
  • Providing useful insight and  sharing 
  • Providing a clear & realistic succession plan and execution strategy. 

Did I Mention...


  •  We offer traditional sessions (in office) and also convenient zoom sessions online.
  •  We do not accept insurance at this time, however if requested, we will be happy to provide you with a monthly receipt for filing insurance.